1.     Divine Destiny – This course is designed to help students get a better grasp of their calling. Does everyone have a predetermined destiny? How do you know your destiny? 
What is divine destiny and the importance of fulfilling ones destiny? Ultimately each student will be able to answer these questions and re-position themselves with greater
confidence ​as they pursue their calling in Christ.
2.     Bibliology - compasses how we got our bible, the divisions of the bible, how to interpret the bible, getting the most out of the bible, how to study the bible.
3.     Theology -  covers major doctrines of the bible  like the  Godhead, Heaven, Hell, Rapture, Sin, Satan etc.
4.     New Creation Realities - understanding the new birth, repentance from dead works, faith toward God, laying on of hands, eternal judgments, resurrection from the dead
5.     Spiritology  - the study of spirits, classes and functions of spirits
6.     Ecclesiology   - the church as central to God’s purposes on earth,
7.     Dispensations & Covenants: An in-depth study of the seven period of human history and the seven covenants of the scriptures. Understanding what the old and new testament is.
8.     Victorious Living - The keys that enable to live a successful Christian life and how to develop them

1.     Gifts and Callings - Finding your gift and place of callings
2.     Ministry Preparation - What must one do to prepare for his life time calling
3.     Starting out in ministry: The basic of ministry, and the early stages of ministry development …
4.     Ministry of Helps – What it is and its relevance,
5.     The Five-fold Ministry - A study into classes of apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors and teachers.
6.     Demonology: The kingdom of darkness, its rulers, operations and activities, deliverance ministry etc.
7.     The Holy Spirit – In depth study of the Holy Spirit activities in the earth today, especially in the life of the believer.
8.     Ministry and Christian ethics – Developing integrity and other behavior patterns that reinforces your Christian  and ministry standing

These are elective course which the student has option to choose which one to study in line with his aspirations and calling
1.     Leadership: Developing leadership skills
2.     Music and Worship: A course for student to fulfill the call to music and worship in the church
3.     Communications: Developing the skills of communication and preaching
4.     The Ministry of Writing – Scripture light on writing, developing your writing skill etc
5.     Financial Planning and Wealth deployment  - The course teaches how to harness and deploy the wealth potentials of individuals, churches and communities
6.     Major World Religions : A study of Judaism, Islam, Hindu, Buddha,
7.     Mentoring – Developing a mutual relationship between protégé and mentor as well as the principles of the process
8.     Generational Tools - Understanding what Jesus taught about things that belong to our peace…
9.     Outreach - Developing a market place ministry