Welcome To Pure Word Bible Institute

Our Primary Objective Is To Equip You With The Scriptural Foundations For Fulfilling Your Calling! ​ Building on several years of training and impartation, we have opened our doors to formally train as many as sense the need to develop competence in ministry as well as fulfill their divine potential. Our Ministerial Training Program is designed for Ministers who are already serving as Church leaders, or those who sense a
call to ministry or Christians who want to develop a deeper relationship with God and even serve in any capacity as workers in God's house. Our online platform makes it  possible for anyone to enroll and attend classes through the internet. Online classroom sessions are very dynamic - you can ask questions while a class is going on and get answered almost immediately. Tutorial sessions where you can do group assignments online also facilitate interaction with other participants across the globe. Classes are recorded so that you can go over what was taught while you were absent and replay the whole experience while viewing the whiteboard. ​REGISTER TODAY​ and take hold of this right now opportunity to advance in your relationship with Christ.
Our method is to use the most current technology to reach our students to reduce the high cost of Bible school education and travelling. As a school without walls,  we offer our students from all over the world the lowest cost, and a quality Bible school education in a flexible format and to study at their own pace from their home or office.
OUR PROGRAMS: We offer 3 levels of programs to achieve the goals of the school in our students - ​Foundations​, ​Ministry​ and Advance​.
 FOUNDATIONS: This is a program designed to equip our students with the basic yet very important knowledge relating to Divine destiny, understanding the scriptures and basic Bible doctrines.
MINISTRY: The is the second level program. Here we deal with finding your gifts and place of calling. ministry preparations and many more……
ADVANCE:  The third level is an elective that helps the participant to learn some added specialized knowledge and skills like: writing, publishing, communications, missions, financial principles, wealth deployment  and much more………
CERTIFICATION: Participants will be awarded certifications according to the program of pursuit. Certificate of ministry: this advanced certificate is awarded to those who complete all three levels of course, namely Foundations, Ministry and Advance. Basic certificate: awarded to those who complete the Foundations and Advance courses Participants will be tested and graded, all participants should have 70 percent marks to pass a subject.
FINANCIAL SCHEDULE: PURE WORD BIBLE INSTITUTE OFFERS ONE OF THE LOWEST AND AFFORDABLE TUITION RATES IN THE NATION.  WE ALSO HAVE A FLEXIBLE PAYMENT PLAN IN OUR PROGRAM OF STUDY. YOU WILL FIND THE SUPPORT YOU NEED: As a pure word online student, you can enjoy a strong support system including students’ resources like advise, library and students group support

1. High standards of spiritual, academic and behavior discipline is observed in PWBI.

2. Students will be awarded certificates when the complete requisite courses are passed.

3. Students who don’t complete all their courses will not be awarded certification. 

4. Attendance at all classes for a student course is a must. You must call in to inform of your absence from a class at least one hour before time. 5. All students have the responsibility to do all assignments, tests, and exercises that are given in class.

6. Unless proper arrangements have been made and accepted, failure to honor your financial obligation will lead to the suspension of your course till payment is made.

7. Decorum online and in classroom shall always be observed.

8. Students will be expected to represent the school well in every situation.

9. The school shall not refund any monies paid by a student who is dismissed for bad behavior, not attending classes and other attitudes unacceptable to the faculty.

10. As a Bible institute, students should always seek to practice the lifestyle of our Christian faith.