Frequently Asked Questions

What Is PWBI?
PWBI is abbreviation for Pure Word Bible Institute. It is an online Bible School to train kingdom minded believers across the globe as well as those who sense a call into the ministry.

Where Is PWBI Located?
PWBI is run from the United States of America, but the classes are held on the internet, making it an online school.

Do You Accept International Students?

Absolutely! The primary goal of our online bible program is to offer the training of PWBI to anyone called to serve the Lord, regardless of their gender, race or where they live.

Why Should I Attend An Online Bible School?
In a fast changing world, it is becoming increasing expensive to attend a traditional school.  Online Bible school eliminates the cost of travelling, accommodation and also the need to quit your regular job in order to train for the ministry. Here are a few benefits: Lower costs, no commuting to class and back, flexibility and comfortability in learning, maintaining your regular job while attending classes. Online classes provide the same instruction without the exhaustion of unnecessary hassles.

What Distinguishes PWBI From All The Other Bible Schools, Christian Colleges And Training Facilities?
God specifically called the Chancellor, Dr. William Obeng-Darko to establish the PURE WORD BIBLE INSTITUTE, an online Bible School, which the Lord commissioned him to start in late 2013. Chancellor William Obeng-Darko has a unique calling and anointing to train ministers for the ministry and to raise many kingdom minded believers to do exploits for God.He believes that one of the greatest needs today is for strong teaching of the word of God for anointed believers who will understand God's word so that they can fulfill their calling in a unique way. 

What Does PWBI Offer?
PWBI  currently offers two major bible courses.
Foundation Course - which gives the student a core foundation in our Christian belief and doctrine, it deals with every major doctrine in the bible from Dispensational truths to Eschatology as well as deep understanding of the bible and much more.
Ministry Course – focus on callings, gifts and divine ordinations. What you are called to do, how to develop yourself, gifts and ministry. The curriculum is such as to prepare and enrich everyone even if you are already in the ministry. At the end the student will definitely be confident in operating in his/her God given abilities.
Note that our courses are being regularly reviewed to bring our students current and cutting edge truths.

What Are The Durations?
The classes’ runs for 2 hrs every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday except major public holidays and schools scheduled holidays. On Mondays we hold classes on different time zones, students attend the time zone which is most convenient to them.
- 10am Eastern Time (USA & Canada)
- 7pm Eastern Time (USA & Canada)  

How Much Does It Cost To Get Started?
PWBI has a competitive fee on the market. The cost of attending PWBI is kept at the lowest possible level to encourage Bible training for everyone. We are well aware of how important finances are to our prospective students. You can check out the REGISTRATION page to get the basic information in regards to cost. We give our students various plan options which enables our students choose which financial plan will be favorable to them in paying for the cost involved. We are interested in making every effort to make enrollment affordable.

How Do I Enroll?
Go to the website at WWW.PURE-WORD.ORG
On the menu tab, click on REGISTRATION and on the registration page scroll down and fill the form and click the SUBMIT button then proceed to pay the registration fee on the site.
PWBI will review your application. If it is approved you will receive an admission letter. Also you will receive a user name and password which you will need to enter the online classroom.

What About How Do I Pay?
You can pay online, all our online payments are very secure, and your information is not shared with another. You can join a class anytime your first payment is made.

Are classes or discussions conducted live?
Our classes are conducted live. That means you could see as well as hear your lecturer and other students and they can also see you through It is a live classroom experience.

Is There Anything I Will Need To Be Ready For School?
You will need a computer, either a desktop with a monitor and keyboard or a laptop or a mobile device. Computers must be able to play sound files. Supported Windows operating systems include 98, 2000, XP and Vista. XP or Vista is recommended. Mac OS X is also supported. 
Be prepared with a Bible, note book, pen or any writing device. Headphones or earphones are also highly recommended. You will need a quiet place where to study without any interruption.

What Internet browser should I use?
Browser For Windows Users: Internet Explorer 7.0 or newer, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or newer, or Google Chrome 5.0 or newer (JavaScript and Java enabled with Java SE 6) 
Browser For Apple Users: Safari 3.0 or newer, Firefox 3.0 or newer or Google Chrome 5.0 or newer (JavaScript and Java enabled with Java SE 6) 

What Internet Connection should I use? 
A reliable Internet connection is required with a cable modem. DSL or better is recommended. You will be better served with a high-speed connection.

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